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Meetings and Conventions
Are you looking for a unique icebreaker to kick off your event?  Whether it's an organized class or a show-stopping performance, our dancers will give your attendees something to talk about!

Morning Fitness Classes
Get your creative juices flowing with a morning fitness class or meeting stretch break customized to your allotted time frame.

Team Building Activities
Pair these lively, fun-filled classes with your current program to perfect a sure-fire recipe for breaking down barriers and pumping up collaborative team participation.

Flash Mobs
Have a special message, announcement, or experience you wish to make memorable? Our choreographers will custom create a routine to your desired song. We will be with you from conception to delivery every “step” of the way.

Party Motivators
Our “Hype Crew” entertainers will interact with your party guests to entice them out of their seat and onto their feet. Watch as we work the room and bring everyone onto the dance floor.

Specialty Performers
Our professional costumed dancers will start the night off with a show-stopping performance! Once all eyes are on us, we will teach your group a variety of basic steps giving them confidence to make their way center stage.

Special Events
Looking for a unique way to spice up an ordinary party? Our themed dancers will teach you to Two-Step at your hoe down, Salsa at your fiesta or Hip Hop until the ball drops! You bring the theme and we will bring the fun!

Laughter Yoga
Looking for something unique and hysterical for your next event?
Employees are increasingly stressed out, depressed, and sleep deprived. Laughter Yoga changes your mood within minutes, teaching you valuable techniques to handle stressful situations.
How it Works: We initiate laughter with eye contact and childlike playfulness which turns into real and contagious laughter! Combining breathing exercises from Yoga and laughter exercises, we will energize your group in a way they have never experienced before!!!








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