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All of the instructors are great, very professional and have a way of making the lessons fun. I would recommend Dynamic Dance and Fitness to any resort or club looking for a new fun activity for their membership. You won't be disappointed!
- Kelly Willis, Membership Coordinator, Reunion Resort
Whenever we have a client who wants to incorporate a dance or fitness component in their event, there's no hesitation on who to call - it's always Dynamic Dance and Fitness! They do more than conduct the right moves on the dance floor, they also take the right "steps" to provide excellent customer service and a team of qualified professionals who go above and beyond for your event. You won't be sorry you put them on your dance card!
- Lisa Jennings, Chief Experience Officer, Wildly Different
The amazing instructors from Dynamic Dance and Fitness are so patient and understanding with all ages. They take their time and make sure that everyone is apart of the group, and go at a pace that everyone can follow. The energy that radiates from each and every instructor makes the guests feel comfortable and want to participate. The music, dancing, and professionalism is a great addition to our poolside entertainment program. We look forward to adding many more styles of classes in the future.
- Ashley Sorto, Activities Director, Summer Bay Resort
Working with Dynamic Dance and Fitness has been a very positive experience for both our guests, and our Activities team. The instructors always arrive early with a smile on their faces, ready to create memorable experiences. The guests enjoy themselves the entire hour while learning new moves to dance the night away. Natalie and her team truly create vacation memories that will be remembered for years to come.
- Elizabeth Hubley, Activities Director, Vacation Village at Parkway







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