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Fuel for Life
It's not just about calories. This dynamic, engaging class will help you examine the food we consume each day and how it affects our bodies.

Weigh Less, Live More

This workshop will address nutritional loss issues in the United States, why fad diets don’t work, and safe ways to drop weight while still feeling satisfied.

Sugar Blues
Topics covered include the many names of sugar, artificial sweeteners, hormone imbalances (specifically insulin), and how to make permanent changes to overcome sugar addiction.

Experiment with Protein
This workshop will cover the pros and cons of several sources of protein including meat, dairy, soy, legumes, and many more.

Critical Fats
Participants will learn which fats are healthy, which fats to avoid and how to identify them in processed food.

Smart and Healthy Shopper
This workshop will educate participants on how to understand marketing tactics, nutrition labels, organic versus conventional, as well as educating on genetically modified foods.

Women's Health
This workshop will address many issues affecting the modern American woman such as healthy nutrition for the whole family and how to get them more involved in their own health, reducing stress, and other topics facing women today.

Brain Food 101
Fun games and activities will challenge kids to think about what they eat and learn about what food does for their bodies.








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